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To do brow lamination, you need:

1) KeratinUP® onetouch spa LIFT 1

2) KeratinUP® onetouch swing FIX 2

3) KeratinUP® onetouch vitamin BATH 3

4) KeratinUP® onetouch reborn KERATIN 4

5) KeratinUP® essence COATING 5

6) LLA (Long Lasting Adhesive)

7) Y brush (from KeratinUP® workstation)

PS. KeratinUP® workstation can save 20% of your time.

8) Highly recommend your clients to use KeratinUP® dual effect MASCARA 6 after the service.

Brow Lamination_step1_en.jpg
Brow Lamination_step2_en.jpg
Brow Lamination_step3_en.jpg
Brow Lamination_step4_en.jpg
Brow Lamination_step5.jpg
Brow Lamination_step6.jpg

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